3 Reasons To Get On Similan Island Liveaboard Diving 

If you want to take your love for diving to a new height, get on Similan island liveaboard, if you haven’t tried it yet. Liveaboard diving is just like any other diving activity but with so much more to offer. A typical diving session can take place in a day or night according to your choice. However, with liveaboard diving, you can stay in a private yacht or sailboat for a day or your preferred number of days so you can dive, enjoy the sun and visit amazing islands to your heart’s content. Liveaboard diving is widely offered in Asian countries such as in Thailand, where there’s lots of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and where diving is conducive.

Liveaboard diving is popular among beach lovers and divers due to the following reasons:

Several diving schedule. If you are a diving enthusiast, the thought of doing several dives in a day would probably excite you. If you are among those who love diving, this type of adventure is suitable for you. With multiple dives a day, you can explore the waters of Similan Islands longer and discover exciting marine life. If you are into night diving, you can set the diving session and have a different kind of diving adventure in the island.

With full amenities. One of the advantages of choosign Similan island liveaboardis it offeres more than diving trips. The houseboats are come with full amenities that promote a relaxing and enjoyable stay at the Andaman ocean along with its islands. The boats offer shaded and non-shaded sun decks for your resting or readin a book or watching the sunset. The open sun decks are perfect for getting some even tan that you have always wanted to have. On a nice weather, you can opt to have your dining outdoor or indoor if you feel like it.

Expereince authentic Thai cuisine. Aside from experince a different kind of diving, you also get to enjoy and feast on authentic Thai dishes prepared by qualified chefs at Similan island liveaboard diving experience. You can also request for a personal host who will attend to your needs and make the experience a truly unforgettable one.