3 Of The Best Indian Restaurants In Bangkok For You To Visit

The Indian and Thailand culture have tied very closely in each other. There are many locals of India who decided to stay at Bangkok and to prove this, you’ll even be able to hear about a place dubbed as the ‘Little India’ in Thailand. You’d also be able to see Buddhist temples which will also strengthen this fact. Another proof of the close connection of India to Thailand is the abundant number of Indian Restaurants in Bangkok that serves heavenly dishes which are originally from India or even a fuse of the two cuisines. If you’re around the area and you’re looking to have a bite out of this incredible and exciting restaurants, here are some of the best in Bangkok that would surely bedazzle your taste buds.

1) Bawarchi
This restaurant undeniably serves one of the best Indian cuisines in the land of Bangkok. It won’t serve you with regular recipes that have come from the past, rather, it gives these legendary recipes a unique approach and improvement that will surely leave you wanting more. They have five various branches in Bangkok and all won’t fail to amaze you. From their authentic recipes from original Indian cuisine packed with a twist, to its architectural designs and interior designs that boast Indian motif all throughout, Bawarchi surely will satisfy you to your very bones.

2) Dosa King

If you’re a fan of dosa and maybe, a vegetarian, then this restaurant will definitely be a top pick for you. Dosa King also stays true to its name by serving the best Dosas you wouldn’t be able to find in any other Indian Restaurant in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand. Their Dosas have become a food that customers look for over and over again. Aside from this, they also have other bountiful and delicious recipes that would definitely turn your appetite on.

3) Rang Mahal
This is probably one of the most prestigious Indian restaurant in Bangkok that would take you to various heights with their Indian Cuisine. It is located in the renowned Rembrandt Hotel and serves foods that would definitely impress anyone you date there. Though inclined on the pricey side of the bill, they would definitely serve you with food that would be more than worthy of what you’ve paid for. The luxurious atmosphere, the epic view it will give you, the breathtaking meals they will serve you – all will definitely add up to a great and memorable experience.