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Sukhumvit Road’s Top Restaurants

Sukhumvit Road is the longest stretch of tourist area in all of Thailand. It starts at the Phloenchit and follows the route of the Skytrain until it reaches Samut Prakan’s border. It comes as no surprise that the entire stretch offers a lot to tourists including design hotel in Sukhumvit, an array of accommodations, office buildings and the best restaurants where they can fill their tummies. Here are the top restaurants located along Sukhumvit Road worth visiting:

          Bo.lan. this place has received a lot of credits for being one of the first restaurants in Bangkok to innovate the Thai cuisine using only the best ingredients and a preparation unlike any other. Up unit this day, quality is still their top priority as they utilize produce that are sourced and grown locally. With this, their menu is seasonally changing and they have the conscious effort to reduce their waste as well as practice eco-friendliness to influence other businesses.

          Supanniga Eating Room. This restaurant currently has two branches. The original is the one located in Thonglor and the second one can be found in Sathorn. It follows the cooking concept of both northeastern and eastern Thailand. The grandmother of the owner is the main inspiration for the restaurants which followed her recipes coming from Isaan’s Khon Kaen and Trat province located in the east of Thailand.

          Cabbages and condoms. This restaurant is one of the most popular not just in Thailand but all over the world. Its popularity is not because of the food they serve but because of the cause that the restaurant is fighting for. The establishment is actively campaigning together with the Population and Community Development Association in order to raise awareness regarding sexual health in the country. They are proud to use local produce and home grown ones but their food is mostly from Western cuisine.

          Quince. Though there are already restaurants inside design hotel in Sukhumvit, it is still worth to explore other options such as Quince. It is found inside a restored home in Thonglor. They are serving Mediterranean dishes using local and seasoned produce in the market. 

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Traveling By Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai For A Vacation

An ideal place to visit is Chiang Mai. Once you plan your trip to the city, you need to keep in mind on how to get there. Regular Lufthansa flights are available and they are actually the best. They can take you to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It has an international airport that takes you to any parts of Thailand. Prices of air tickets vary depending on the starting point of your journey. If traveling with family, they can offer you discounts considering the number of people traveling with you. However, the ticket rates can vary on certain occasions and festivals. This will also need you to check out a bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai so you’ll never get lost.

Available transport from Bangkok to Chiang Mai are buses, trains or vehicles for hire. If you want the fastest route to get to Chiang, you can take a flight from Bangkok. There are many local airline companies that take you to this place like Orient Thai Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Thai Airways, and more. If you want to go directly to Chiang Mai, have your travel agency book you to a flight that goes directly there. If you are out for an adventure, you may wish to ride a bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, which is a lot cheaper. You can also opt for non-air conditioned to air conditioned buses. These buses are also reliable to take you directly to Chiang Mai.

If you want to go driving your own car, you can use highways 1, 32, 117 and finally 11 to get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. You may also want to use the rail station as your starting point when traveling to this city. If you travel by train, it will just take you nearly 11 to 12 hours. It is also suggested to book for train tickets in advance as it can get full with passengers. The bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai may be another option to take while in this city. If after spending your vacation in Chiang Mai and want to return to your homeland, ensure you have tickets to take you back from the city or you can proceed to Bangkok, just like where you came from.