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Tips For Hotel Tipping

So, you’ve stayed at an affordable hotel in Bangkok, and the service is beyond expectations. You want to show your gratitude for how well the staff treated you. What do you do?

You tip them, of course.

Giving housekeeping or other hotel staff is a clear, and simple way to show appreciation, which is why it’s a good habit to do. The problem then lies when the tip’s wrong: maybe it’s too little, or maybe there’s no tip at all. That sends a message. A bad one.

If you’re looking to tip the staff, here’s some advice for handling it right.

  • Tip daily.
    • Whether its an affordable hotel in Bangkok or a luxury suite in the Caribbean, lots of hotel staff service lots of rooms. This means that whoever might service the room you’re in might not be the one to do so the following day. The smart thing to do is to tip in small amounts everyday to ensure that whoever did work on your room gets tipped. Also, avoid using spare change to tip. The staff might think it’s loose change you’ve just left lying around, and not a tip meant for them.
  • Here’s a sign.
    • Label your tip, whether by putting in an envelope marked for “Chambermaid” or “Housekeeping” or by putting it in a container marked similarly in plain view, away from other things you don’t want touched. The key thing to remember is that hotel staff has to be careful when engaging with your room, and labelling things help.
  • Not hidden in plain sight.
    • To reiterate a point brushed up in the above, put the tip someplace obvious, like, “can’t go into the bloody room without seeing it” obvious. The telly, the top of the pillows, that sort of positioning.
  • Better service = more tips
    • TripAdvisor has tipping guidelines for those confused, but the important bit is that, tips should be higher for luxury hotels, and lower for normal hotels. More guests also increase the tip amount, and exceptional service is, of course, more tip-worthy. Again, it’s up to your discretion how to tip, so think about how cosy your room is due to the service. For poor service, reduce your tip, and for utterly appalling service, just don’t bother.