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Live Like A Local To Enjoy Thailand At Its Best

Thailand is a famous tourist destination in Southeast Asia with its magnificent beaches, lush jungles, amazing street food, world class diving and friendly cheap accommodations. Although most visitors want to enjoy Phuket or Pattaya they prefer to stay at a 3 star hotel in Bangkok as their base. Anyway, train transportation is cheap and there are boats that go to and from the islands.

The easiest and cheapest way to enjoy Thailand is to live like a local. Take the local bus or the train, eat street food and buy beer from 7-11. It is more expensive to drink at a bar than buy beer from the ubiquitous 7-11. However, do no miss the opportunity of sampling Thailand’s local beer known as Singha Beer that is strong and malty. Drink during the happy hour where drinks can be had for half the price.

A local can survive decently for less than 7,750 baht or even less in the countryside. Do not be afraid to eat street food because it is clean and delicious. You will see that the food stalls are almost always fully packed with both locals and foreign tourists because word has gotten out that Thailand’s street food is unique and very affordable. It only costs a fraction of what you will pay on the restaurants.

Wait until you get to Thailand before you book for tours. There are lots of travel agencies in Thailand that offer tour packages from diving to trekking the jungles. You can conveniently purchase a tour package online but when you deal with the local tour agents, you can haggle for a better price. You also have more options on the kind of adventures you want to experience. It is also your choice if you do not want an arranged tour particularly in Bangkok where most tourist attractions are close to each other.

A 3 star hotel in Bangkok will allow you to experience luxurious comfort. Different amenities are provided from television with LED/LCD screen, complimentary wireless internet access, IDD telephone, Cable TV, air conditioning and manymore. You are treated like a royalty without paying a fortune for your accommodation.

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Choosing Between Traditional Framed Prints And Split Canvas Prints

The choice between split canvas prints and framed prints depends on your personal taste and preferences, available budget, interior design and the location where you want to place the photograph. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses which can certainly affect the selection process.

The traditional process of displaying a favorite photograph is to print it on paper. Afterwards, it is placed on a frame and hanged as a decorative accent to the home or office. Framed prints have a traditional appeal and can create a dramatic element on the wall. Black and white prints which are making a comeback look best on fiber-based paper.

One of the drawbacks of framed prints is glare and reflection from light. The frames used must be chosen carefully to complement with the rest of the décor in the home or office. Larger frames for printed photographs can be very heavy and expensive.

On the other hand, split canvas prints are great options for wall décor. Recently, technology has introduced inkjet printers and new formulations of canvas to allow greater consistency and quality in the images. A single photograph can be split across multiple canvasses of varying sizes to look their best in large sized walls. Once an image has been chosen, the way it is split can be chosen before applying the appropriate effects. After the image has been printed, canvas is double coated with protection against UV rays and dust.

It is easier and more cost effective to create large images from 40” to 100” without adding too much weight. A frameless presentation looks more pleasing because it creates a window into a scene. Split canvas prints can be installed in semi-humid environments like restrooms. The absence of a frame makes the image look good with any type of interior design or décor. You can easily create a dramatic ambience with frameless split canvas prints without the need for any specialized lighting.

While some photographs look best on smooth photographic paper, an image printed on canvas looks more unique. However, it is still your preference and taste that matters particularly if you are not worried about costs, glare and light reflections.


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Build Your Team In A Fun Way!

A good performance deserves to be rewarded. At home, school, or work, a job well done is a good reason to give a good token of appreciation. The workplace is a common ground for rewards and commendations especially if an employee or a team of employees have done an exemplary job.

Team building activities are done at home (if you have a big, happy family), school, or at the workplace. This is to foster cooperation and a good relationship between team members. It is also a form of reward for the group that made or did an excellent job on the task at hand.

There are some activities that are considered to be part of the top. Here are some examples of team building activities.


Game Shows

Game shows are popular team building activity. This is when the game format is patterned from a famous game show such as The Price is Right, Family Feud, or Singing Bee.

This can be done indoors or outdoors, what you need to make it more fun is a good setup and an engaging host. This can last up to a couple of hours.


Graffiti Art

Turn on the team’s artistic sides by giving them the time to create their own art. The theme may be anything and everything but it usually is relevant to the company’s vision and mission or goals. No artistic requirements required.

This may be done indoors or outdoors as long as you have ample space and can allow paint drops all around. This usually takes 2 hours or so to create that perfect art.


Bubble Soccer

Bump your way to winning in this fun game. Enclosed in a plastic bubble with only your legs free so you can run, go and bump your opponents out of the game.

Open fields are recommended but there are indoor sports arenas in Australia where you can enjoy this game as well.

Lip Dub Game


No singing talent? No problem. Still, your team can enjoy this game and share it on YouTube! This will mean continuously shooting a music vid while the team lip syncs to the song being played.

The key for this game is ensuring that the video done is seamless from start to finish without cuts. Add great costume for the music video and you’re good to go.

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Furniture Removal Tips

Moving to a new home can be a stressful thing; there’s a lot of packing, lifting, scheduling and carrying to be done. The farther the move, the more stressful the process. Now, regardless of how far the move is, the next street, another suburb, a totally new state, a little help is well-appreciated. Sometimes, some friendly assistance will suffice.

But, sometimes, a friend coming along to help may not suffice, and professional assistance may be needed.  Now, you might be considering hiring a furniture removalist in Sydney to help you move to Melbourne, and that’s a wise move, but it never hurts to get some extra advice on how to get moving for less trouble.

  • Pack everything. If you don’t want to spend your time before your move floundering about your house trying to figure out what to do, pack everything ahead of time. Packing takes much more time than most people think. Pack rooms one at a time, giving yourself plenty of time to thoroughly ensure that every room has been properly packed, saving yourself the confusion of rushing as you pack your stuff.
  • Safety first!!Do whatever you can to ensure your stuff is well-prepared for the trip. Whilst businesses do offer protection methods for your fragile valuables, it never hurts to take steps to ensure your breakables make it to your new home.
  • Get organized!! Ensure that when you pack, any boxes are filled properly with objects that are properly categorized. Bathroom items should go together, etc. Remember to sort out a priority carton or two, which contains the most essential items you may need when moving; things like medication, remotes, keys, etc. If it’s important to the point where you need to find it in a pinch, put it in a separate box with objects of equal import. It’ll save you the trouble of having to go through several other containers looking for them.
  • Interstate? Making a move from one state to another is a big move, covering a lot of distance and requiring quite a bit of time. For smaller moves, calling a friend is a good choice, but for really big, long distance ones, it’s time to call the experts. For example, moving from Sydney to Gold Coast? It’s in your best interest to find a furniture removalist in Sydney that can help you.